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The University Innovation Hub Program (UIHP) helps innovative thinkers and tinkers like you get started on your path to entrepreneurship. Join us to start your journey of innovation, challenges and fulfilment.

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Find out how to turn your dreams of entrepreneurship into reality by joining the Innovation Cohort: UIHP's flagship program designed to mentor you and your team to greatness.

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Our Commitment to Gender Equity

At the UIHP, one of our cornerstones is Gender Equity and Equality. We believe in fostering a world built around fairness and are committed to inclusive practises throughout our program

About Us

Welcome to the University Innovation Hub Program, where ambitious thinkers are transformed into successful entrepreneurs. BHTPA’s UIHP fosters a vibrant community of innovation by integrating educational rigor with the entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the program, participants engage with complex problems and develop innovative, scalable solutions under the mentorship of industry giants and academic leaders.

Each phase of our program is designed to build upon the last, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge while encouraging practical application and creative experimentation. UIHP’s structured pathway from ideation to commercialization empowers our students to take charge of their entrepreneurial journey, supported by a network of peers, mentors, and professionals who are invested in their success. Through this journey, UIHP participants not only make strides in their personal growth but also contribute meaningfully to both the Bangladeshi market and the global market.


With 5 workshops lined up throughout the year, participants will gain insights into Marketing, Storytelling, Sales, Financial Planning and Team Building. What’s the best part

Lecture Series One | Time: TBA

Venue: BRAC University

Program Aggregate KPI till December 2025

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Program began in December, 2023

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