Bridge Post Graduation Program(PGP)


  • Students who complete certificate course and innovation cohort need to be engaged on a continuing basis for advancing the project objectives of venture building and making students choose entrepreneurship as a career option.

  • There is a need to bridge the innovation teams between the incubation program they graduate from and the subsequent journey toward the acceleration program to keep the momentum.

  • Some support id required so that the potential innovation teams can go to venture building path.

  • The continuing support will build rapport among students and teachers’ community about seriousness of the imitative and attract students for subsequent cycles

For Who?

  • Innovation teams who received pre-seed grants

  • Innovation teams completed the innovation cohort without receiving pre-seed grants

What is there?

  • University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community (UIEC) led and run by the graduating students, leading towards Alumni club

  • On-demand online mentorship (ODM) on specific areas of venture building process up to 10 hours

  • Match-making with service providers for incorporation and compliance for future due diligence

  • Endorsement for joining accelerator programs

  • Endorsement for grants and funding from other programs

  • Invitation to various knowledge sessions

  • Automatic participation in Inter-university challenge competition for receiving seed grants 

University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community (UIEC)

  • This is a voluntary group of all graduating students of certificate course and innovation cohort 

  • Initially, it will be a virtual community on Facebook and LinkedIn 

  • The social media pages will be administered by UIHP Secretariat engaging volunteers from the graduating students 

  • The governing structure and SoPs will be determined based on the experience of the UIEC’s operation for next six months. 

  • Possible activities

    • Knowledge sessions organized by UIHP and partners 

    • Monthly online get-togethers

    • Showcasing of progress with products/ ideas

    • More activities to be identified by the community itself

On-demand Mentorship (ODM) 1

  • The graduating innovation teams will have a chance to get a maximum of 10 hours of online mentorship 

  • The areas of mentorship:

    • Product market fit 

    • Branding

    • Technology enablement

    • Financial modelling

    • Corporate Compliance

    • Financial compliance

    • Sales strategy

    • Any other topic important for the innovation teams 

On-demand Mentorship (ODM) 2 

  • International and national mentors will give you mentorship 

  • One mentorship session will be one hour long 

  • You will find mentorship areas and mentor's profiles on the website. You may choose a specific mentor and request a session. The desired mentor will be contacted by UIHP and set up an appointment with zoom link.

  • Up to 10 hours of mentors are sponsored by various partners

  • After 10 hours, the mentorship will be for a fee, which will be notified later. 

Match-making with Service Providers

  • On the journey from prototyping to market validation to early market traction, you will need to prepare yourself for pitching to potential co-founders and investors.

  • This will require some preparation in terms of corporate and basic financial discipline. 

  • The secretariat will provide match-making services with the right institutions for basic services at a discounted price. 

Match-making with Service Providers

Endorsement for accelerator programs 

  • The PGP will endorse all graduating innovations to various accelerator programs.

  • The respective accelerator programs will select the eligible teams according to their selection criteria.

Endorsement for grants and funding from other programs

  • The PGP will endorse the innovation teams to various programs for grants and funding

  • The respective programs will invite the innovation teams base don their selection criteria for pitch for grants or funding.

Inter-university challenge competition for receiving seed-grants 

  • Three Inter-university innovation challenge competitions will take place for pre-seed funding of total 100 teams out of 300+ graduating teams

  • The innovation teams will be required to continue their efforts to improve their prototype/MVP and pitch deck

  • The first competition will take place in October, 2024