Our Program

Cultivating Tomorrow's Innovators

Welcome to the University Innovation Hub Program (UIHP), where creativity meets opportunity in the heart of Bangladesh's technological advancement efforts. As part of the comprehensive initiatives undertaken by the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA), UIHP is designed to function as an epicenter for entrepreneurial spirit and innovation across selected universities nationwide. Through our diverse programs, including cohorts, competitions, and incubation, we empower young entrepreneurs to transform their visionary ideas into viable startups.

Our Mission

At UIHP, our mission is to foster a thriving culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within Bangladesh's higher education institutions. We aim to equip students, alumni, and faculty with the necessary tools, skills, and mindset to initiate and lead technological and business innovations. By bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, we prepare participants not only to succeed in the marketplace but also to drive social and economic change.

Our Programs

UIHP offers a structured pathway for budding entrepreneurs through several key initiatives:

  • Innovation Cohorts : Structured programs that guide participants from ideation to prototype development, providing mentorship, resources, and direct industry exposure.

  • Certificate Courses : Comprehensive courses designed to impart critical skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, accredited by the University Grants Commission and recognized by leading industries.

  • Inter-University Competitions : Competitions that challenge students to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and collaboration.

  • Lecture Series : Sessions led by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to inspire and educate participants about the latest trends and practices in the global and local startup ecosystems.

  • IP Conference and Post-Graduation Support: A platform for discussing intellectual property strategies and continuing support for graduates to scale their startups.

Our Impact

Since our inception, UIHP has successfully launched several demanding innovation cohorts and certificate courses with many exciting teams and individuals. Our strong mentor pool has allowed us to conduct quality sessions across Bangladesh. Our teams are working on projects spanning diverse industries, contributing innovative solutions that address critical challenges in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, technology, and finance.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaboration is at the core of UIHP. We have established strong partnerships with national and international firms, industries, and other academic institutions to ensure that our participants receive comprehensive support and global opportunities. These collaborations enhance our program's impact through shared knowledge, investment, and market access.

Future Directions

Looking forward, UIHP is committed to expanding its reach and depth. Plans are underway to include more universities in the program, enhance our curriculum with cutting-edge content, and introduce more aggressive entrepreneurship support mechanisms. We are dedicated to sustaining an ecosystem that not only nurtures startups but also contributes to the robust growth of Bangladesh's digital economy.

Join Us

Whether you are a student eager to change the world, a faculty member interested in guiding the next generation of innovators, or an industry leader looking to invest in fresh ideas, UIHP offers a platform to engage, inspire, and transform. Join us in our journey to make innovation a hallmark of Bangladesh's academic and industrial landscapes. Explore UIHP, where your ideas can find the nurturing ground to grow and where every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Let’s innovate for a brighter tomorrow together.